Words From Management

  • mkhize

    Standards Of Excellence

    In every organisation, there are two routes to the top.  One route is through performance.  The other route is through politics Non-profit organisations, one of them the UCF, are structured in a slightly different way than for-profit businesses or government agencies, although there are a few similarities.  The makeup and

  • mathebula

    The Great Tragedy of Poverty is not knowing the luxury of giving.

    United we stand; divided we fall; create strong connections to deliver the programme The Independent Code of Governance for non-profit organisations in South Africa is an important document for members of Board of Trustees and non-profit organisation staff.  This Code is a set of values and principles intended to guide and

  • Uthungulu Community Foundation

    Food, Warmth and Shelter are the Essentials -The rest to some degree is luxury

      To avoid falling into a black hole of uncertainty, you need to flood yourself with feedback from all sides – never doing anything solo Last year the Foundation celebrated its 15 years of existence.  This was, indeed, an event that needed to be celebrated.  However, the question that we